In how many days will my order be delivered?

The orders you place on Carmencortes online shopping site are delivered to the cargo company within 3 working days at the latest.

My invoice did not reach me. What should I do?

Your invoices that we have prepared for your orders are sent to you with the product packages visible. Therefore, we ask you to check the incoming package first. If you did not receive the original invoice for the product you purchased, it may have remained in your cargo branch. You can request your invoice to be sent to you by contacting your cargo branch. If you request your invoice from us, you will be sent a copy of the invoice stamped “as the original”. In your invoice requests, you must send us your full address information to which you want your invoice to be sent.

What should I do when I receive the product from the cargo?

We strongly recommend that you check your product when you receive it and determine if there is any damage to the product by the courier. If you make a determination at this stage, we kindly ask you to have the cargo officer prepare a “Damage Determination Report” and send the product back with the same cargo without receiving it.

When the Cargo informs the Glass Warehouse that the product is damaged; The product will be returned and the refund will be made.

I noticed that the product was damaged after receiving the product from the cargo, what should I do?

You can return your product within 2 business days by reporting the damaged product. Returns of damaged products will not be accepted if return notification is not made at the end of 2 working days.